Struggling to figure out what to read next?

Why not give NoveList a go?

It’s our new database designed especially for readers. Simply type in your favourite book or author, and NoveList will come up with a suggested reading list based on your own preferences.

Fancy something based on your mood instead?

Novelist has some fantastic suggestions. Or try the Appeal Mixer to come up with your own combo. There’s something for Adults, Teens, and Kids. Explore at your leisure, or ask one of our staff to demonstrate.


From the top menu bar, select Browse By > Appeal


Scroll down and specify at least two appeal characteristics, e.g. Character: relatable, and Tone: Funny. When you are happy with your selections press Find Titles


Titles that match your select appeal characteristics will appear to the right. Click on the cover to view more information.

Looking for Read-alikes?

If there is a particularly author you love and would like to find books similar, then read-alike lists are for you!