Live Stronger For Longer: Make the most of your retirement

Are you aged 65+ and are keen to get more active?

Come along to our weekly community strength and balance group! Starting on Tuesday 13 April at 10.30am, join us each week for an hour of directed exercises before winding down with a cuppa.

What does the class involve?

The class involves exercises that aim to improve strength and balance while reducing falls.  Don’t worry about keeping up – although these classes may make you breathe a little harder, they won’t involve any exercises that could do you harm.

Who is the class for?

All New Zealanders who are 65+ and at risk of falling, or have a history of falling, should give it a go. 

What is Live Stronger for Longer?

Live Stronger for Longer is a national movement full of practical information and advice on how to stay active, well and independent for over 65s and those caring for over 65s.