Join us at the Invercargill Public Library as we commemorate ANZAC Day

🌹 Join us at the Invercargill Public Library to commemorate ANZAC Day 🌹

🎞️WWI Talk with Maree Frewen-Wilks: “Pardon Me” 🗓️ Wednesday 24 April 🕠 5:30 pm

📷 Renowned photojournalist Maree Frewen-Wilks will share the poignant story of WWI soldiers who were executed during the war, including Victor Mason Spencer (Bluff) and Frank Hughes (Invercargill), along with John Sweeney (Wairarapa), John Braithwaite (Christchurch), John King and Frank Needs (West Coast).

Her documentary “Pardon Me” sheds light on the struggles faced by families knowing their loved ones were executed as a questionable example to the rest of the New Zealand forces, allied to the British Army. Their story serves as a reminder of the importance of restored justice.

Following the talk, we will screen the 30-minute documentary and offer the opportunity to engage with the guest speaker.

🎙️WWII Talk with Maree Frewen-Wilks: “Return to Monte Cassino” 🗓️ Sunday 28 April 🕑 2 pm

🌟 Step back in time as we mark the 20th anniversary of local WWII veterans’ journey to Monte Cassino, Italy. Photojournalist Maree Frewen-Wilks, who witnessed their journey firsthand, will take us on a visual exploration of this remarkable pilgrimage.  Join us at the Invercargill Public Library for an afternoon of storytelling and reflection, as we honour the bravery and resilience of these veterans.

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Let’s honor our heroes together.  🇳🇿