Books on Prescription

Resources to help improve your mental health for young adults

The following books have been selected by health professionals as resources for adults and teengers who are looking for high quality and trustworthy health information.

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What is Books on Prescription?

Books on Prescription is a programme run by WellSouth Primary Health Network and libraries throughout Southland to increase access to high quality health information. The programme is also supported by Otago Access Radio 105.4FM and Radio Southland 96.4FM. 

The resources in the collection have been recommended and reviewed by health professionals. You can also read book reviews by both health professionals and consumers on the Books on Prescription website.

There are 3 strands of the programme:

  • Read Yourself Well

    Self-help reading has been shown to help manage a wide range of health problems. Free books are available to borrow that you may find useful on their own, or in conjunction with other options such as talking therapies and/or medication if appropriate.

  • Listen Yourself Well

    If you prefer to listen we have podcasts and videos on the Books on Prescription website, and some audio-books available to borrow in the libraries. Listen Yourself Well is supported by Otago Access Radio 105.4FM and Radio Southland 96.4FM.

  • T’App Yourself Well

    These are smartphone apps which may be a useful tool to help understand and manage a health problem. The apps are reviewed in partnership with Health Navigator.