PressReader for Smart Devices

Follow these simple steps to access your favourite newspapers online

As part of your membership with the Library you have access to PressReader, which allows you to browse a range of magazines and papers for free.

If you wish to use the PressReader app on your smart phone or tablet you must create a PressReader account. You will not have to pay anything for the use of PressReader through your library subscription, however you must log into our site every 2 days to update your free authentication.

1. Navigate to the PressReader website and click Sign in at the top right of the page.

2. Select New user? Sign up now.

3. On the new user form fill out the required fields and click Create my account.

4. You will now see your account name in the top right corner of the PressReader website, confirming account creation. This is the account you will use to log into your app, keep the details in a safe place.

5. Now you can close the browser window and proceed to download and install the PressReader app on your device.

6. Once installed, launch the app and select Sign in.

9. Enter your PressReader account details.

10. Once PressReader has logged in it may ask you to pay for a subscription – YOU DON’T NEED TO! You are given 2 days authentication as explained above.

11. Every 2 days you will need to re-authenticate. Open your browse and visit Select Newspapers Online. You will be redirected to our site for authentication. Enter your User ID and password. 

Your User ID is the eight digit number below the barcode on your Library card, and the password you setup when you opened the account. If you cannot remember your password please give us a call on (03) 211-1444.

12. After logging in you will be redirected back to PressReader in your browser. Now you can close your browser and open the PressReader app – you will now have 2 more days of free access.

When your access runs out re-authenticate by completing steps 11-12 again.

Still having trouble? Then check out the PressReader support page below.