Unlimited access to thousands of newspapers from around the world.

Read full-text content from local, regional, and national New Zealand newspapers, as well as international newspapers. 

Stay informed about current global and local events, politics, sports, business, and more.


Access Global NewsBank includes full-text news articles, editorials, reviews, birth and marriage announcements, obituaries and a variety of special sections. You can use this resource for general reference or to research local and national issues, events, people, government, education, arts, business, sports, real estate and much more. 


  • Search specific newspaper, browse all or use filters to narrow the search down
  • Create a personal folder to save articles
  • Read international news articles through special reports
  • Use “Read news document” for read-aloud access to text articles
  • Search publications within regions via Map search.
  • Access archived issues (some publications dating back to 1980s) to the present day

Available publications:

  • Otago Daily Times
  • Southland Times
  • The Press
  • New Zealand Herald
  • Sunday Star Times
  • The Australian
  • The Times/Sunday Times
  • Washington Post
  • and more!

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