Can you defeat the evil wizard Dekan? 🧙 Gather your party and secure your spot for our latest escape room!

The evil wizard, Dekan, has turned your village to stone!

Your company of heroes must work together using your unique skills to obtain the artefact before time runs out.

Through rumours, you learn of an artefact that will revive the villagers hidden in The Forgotten Library in the depths of Faron Woods.

However, one does not simply walk into The Forgotten Library. Upon entering, you trigger a trap setting a timer to your task. Using each of your unique skills, your company of heroes must obtain the artefact before time runs out!

Each person in your company will be assigned a character that has skills and weaknesses that will play a big part in your escape from the Forgotten Library.

What are you waiting for? Get your party together and secure your spot!