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  • Kids Clubs

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    Our Library clubs are free and run by staff members who have an interest in that particular area. We offer our Library clubs on a term-by-term basis, so membership only applies for the one term, except for our book clubs.


    Things to Know
    Please inform us at registration if your child has a medical or behavioural condition. Your child will not be excluded, but we do require accurate information.
    If your child is unable to attend a club for the week, please make sure you email or phone us. We operate a three-strike policy: three unnotified absences and your child will no longer be a member of that club for the rest of the term.
    Ensure you supply us with an email that you check regularly so you can confirm your registration. Our clubs are extremely popular and fill up fast.
    Most clubs now begin at 3:45. Please double check your club starting time before arrival. Children can be dropped off and picked up 5 minutes either side of their club time.
    Minecraft Club FULL
    Digi Club FULL
    Phineas' Craft Club FULL
    Bloxels FULL
    Lego Club FULL
    Phineas' Book Club FULL
    Phineas' Lab FULL
    Scrapbook Club FULL
    Tangent Club FULL

    2017 Clubs

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    • Kid's work together to build a shared world which they inhabit. Not only is it fun, but it helps to build cooperation and logic skills.  


      Children must be familiar with Minecraft to attend this club


      Where: Training Room

      When: Monday 3:45pm (ages 7-9)

                    Wednesday 3:45pm (ages 10+)


    • Compete, cooperate, and create! In Digi Club we be explore different types of video games each week.


      Children must have attended one of our Minecraft clubs before they can attend Digi Club


      Where: Training Room

      When: Tuesday 3:45pm (ages 10+) 

      When: Thursday 3:45pm (ages 10+) 

    • Lego Club is about children working together to create Lego masterpieces based on a weekly challenge. Using the Library’s amazing Lego collection, the possibilities of what can be created are limited only by the children’s imagination. 


      Where: The Shed
      When: Tuesday 3:45pm (ages 5+) 

    • Applications are open to join the year 7-10 Tangent Club. You don’t have to be an avid reader, but must be interested in trying new activities and getting involved in the Library. Perks include first choice of the new teens’ books. 


      Where: Learning Space
      When: Tuesday 4:00pm (Years 7-12)

    • Phineas’ Craft Club is an easy way for children to get a regular dose of crafts. Each week they will get to make something new, fun and be encouraged to be creative in a relaxed environment.


      Where: Learning Space
      When: Thursday 3:45pm (ages 5-8)

    • Each session includes a selection of read alouds and book based activities. This is a place for kids who love reading to get together with others who share their passion.


      Where: Learning Space

      When: Wednesday 3:45pm (ages 5-8)


    • Learn how to preserve memories through scrapbooking. We provide books and resources and teach you how to use them. Bring your own photos and memorabilia and create a scrapbook masterpiece.


      Available Terms 2 and 4 only


      Where: The Shed
      When: Wednesday 3:45pm (ages 9+)

    • Come along and explore a new app each week using our Library tablets. Aiming to combine fun and learning, these apps will include racing, building, science, drawing, coding and more.


      Available Terms 1 and 3 only


      Where: Activity Space
      When: Tuesday 3:45pm (ages 5-7)

    • The Lab is where mad scientists can get together to make discoveries! We’ll use library resources to learn about our world and beyond such as; space, chemistry, dinosaurs, weather, and more, and each week we’ll get hands on with a science experiment!


      Available Term 2 & 4


      Where: The Shed
      When: Wednesday 3:45pm (ages 7-10)

    • Design and build your very own video game! You design the characters and the levels on a board and then transport your design into an app to add life to your game. 


      Available Term 2 only


      Where: Activity Space

      When: Tuesday 3:45pm (ages 8-12)

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