Upcoming Library closures: 17 and 18 June

Thank you for your patience while the refurbishment project is underway.

At present we are moving collections from Adults’ Services across to Children’s Services and contractors are starting to lay new carpet tiles in Information Services.  Once completed Collections will start to be moved back to Information Services.

Stage 2 starts 15 June

  • Access to Adults’ Services will be closed from 17 June
  • The Library will be closed to the public on Sunday 17 June and Monday 18 June to allow for removal of tiles on the ground floor.
  • The Library will be open to the public on Tuesday 19 June with foyer access restricted and some noise as work is completed. Access will be from Dee St.
  • Access from Leven St Car Park building is not available on the ground floor – use first floor if accessing Information Services and lane between Railway Hotel and Leven St Car Park building to enter via Dee St.
  • The Returns will be on the Children’s side of the foyer.
  • Non-fiction and Biographies will be upstairs in Information Services.

Please ask staff if you require any assistance.

All updates about changes will be available on our website http://ilibrary.co.nz/library-refurbishment/ , Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/invlibrary/ and notices in the library.