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25jan(jan 25)2:00 pm(jan 25)2:00 pmCreate: Bath Bombs2:00 pm - 3:00 pm Public Library - Learning and Activity SpaceAudience:Teens

25jan(jan 25)3:30 pm(jan 25)3:30 pmCreate: Slime3:30 pm - 4:30 pm Public Library - Learning and Activity SpaceAudience:Teens

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Are you Years 8 – 13?

Do you want to share your talents and passions with others? Do you have unique skills to offer your public library and your community? We would like you to be a part of the Invercargill Public Library Volunteens Programme.

We will teach you valuable skills that you can take on to the workforce. You could help out with library events, create stunning displays or create promotional videos for the Library. Develop your own ideas for what you can do for your public library and work with a diverse group of people to achieve your goals. Anything is possible!!

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Tangent Creative Writing

Ice By Ella

Ice on a very hot Island lived a kingdom of pigs.  See these pigs originally came from the tale of three little pigs, they came to this island and made babies but they chose the wrong island and now they’re in this difficult situation.  So they fly the Argo 3 to this iceberg and fly back to this hot island.  Then they managed to cut up and used it to keep them cold.  I don’t know why they don’t just change island but you can’t argue with pigs.

Tuesday by Sophie

I was sleeping and my lily pad started to float I opened my eyes in surprise; I saw my friends start to float and waved.

I turned upside down as we flew through the countryside annoying birds, we floated to a house.  We floated past the window and I waved at a human.  We headed for the white sheets and I got one right in the face, and I gained a cape and then lost it and flew through the window and there was a sleeping lady, so we watched her TV!

The Whale by Emma

Giant Whale – or Giant Hoax?

South Newsville was in an excitement - it had been 50 years since the Great Spotted Whale was reportedly sighted. Since then it had been dubbed as a myth.  However, now it was announced that a prize would be awarded to anyone who could gain evidence of the creature’s existence.  Elsie saw the advertisement and her eyes widened. Her and her friend Roger were whale enthusiasts –in fact, anything to do with the ocean fascinated them. They had grown up hearing the myths surrounding the great whale and now this was their chance to put all their research to work they knew they could prove it!

Over the next few weeks, they worked late into the night on preparation for their expedition.  Elise was in charge of the camera equipment – this was essential to capture the evidence when they came across the whale. Roger on the other hand, was in charge of marking their course across uncharted waters, of making improvements to their boat and gathering supplies.  They would need to be extra-prepared to sail where no one had ever sailed before!

In the early hours of the morning, they set off. They sailed all day without incident, but as the sun started to set, menacing clouds rolled up growling to announce their presence.  The waves rose up, and before they could act, water was swamping over the sides of the boat.  Wind battered them from all directions, ripping the mast sail of its post.  Elise and Roger lost his balance and was flipped overboard, tumbling into the raging blackness below.  Elise wasn’t much luckier and soon she followed Roger over the side.

They came to hours later on an uninhabited stretch of land, their boat a wreckage of wood and metal.   “What are we supposed to do know?!” exclaimied Elsie, pointing at the mess.  Roger responded by rushing into the water and grabbing some of the unbroken equipment to save it from the water.  Elise joined him.  She was just bending to grab her binoculars as they floated past her, when she heard something.  She looked up and suddenly a tower of water exploded out of the ocean.  “Roger!” she exclaimed. “Look!”

She ran for a tall tree and started to climb it, Roger right behind her.  When she reached the top, she raised the binoculars to her eyes – and beheld a magnificent sight.  There from the water rose a great beast, with huge flippers and spotted, moist skin.  They had done it – they had found the Great Spotted Whale.

The Bird by Xanthe

Archie had always imagined himself as a bird.  He didn’t know why but one day he desired to make a pair of wings he tightened his hat and took a deep breath.  POP!! went the goggles suctioning on his face.  He pulled and strapped the wings on his back, spread his wings back and bent his knees and pushed.  After he started to fly he morphed into a bird and flew away.


Michelle Cunningham

Teen Librarian

Michelle is your Teen Librarian. She buys your teen books and all the graphic novels in the library. She co-ordinates all teen events and runs the Tangent Book Club and the Volunteens. When she isn’t working she can be found looking after her two small boys, watching old Doctor Who episodes, writing her own stories and of course reading stacks of books.