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  • Home Services

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    Home Services is a free library service for people within the Invercargill City Council rating area who find it difficult to visit their local library because of age or disability.


    At the end of the year we hold a party at the Civic Theatre for Home Services members and their couriers. This has become a large event enjoyed by all involved including library staff. Local business sponsorships enable this event to be held.


    How many people can be on this service?
    The maximum number of members is 120. We do keep a waiting list if that number is exceeded.
    How do you know what I like to read?
    An appointment is made with new members to discuss with them what type of books or other material they like to read.
    How often will I get my items?
    This service is available monthly; we are unable to provide a weekly service.
    How will I get my items?
    Volunteer couriers collect, deliver and return your items. Volunteers can be either a family member, one of your friends, or one of the volunteers who list their names with us as willing to be couriers. Want to become a volunteer?
    What types of items can I get delivered to me?
    You can get any items that are available to regular borrowing members. These include large print fiction and non-fiction books, ordinary print books, talking books (cassettes & CDs), music CDs, magazines, DVDs and jigsaw puzzles.

    Volunteer Couriers

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    In order for our Home Services service to work, we require the help of volunteers to deliver books to people in their homes. For more information on becoming a Home Services Courier, read through the information below.


    What will I need to do?
    Our Home Services Librarian will choose and pre-issue all the items. All you need to do as a volunteer is to pick up the items from the Library and deliver them to your Home Services partner.
    Where do I pick up the items from?
    Your Home Services partner's items are shelved in the home services office in blue library bags in alphabetical order. New volunteers will be shown where the office is, and how to locate their partner's books.
    Where do I return the items?
    The items are to be returned to the Home Services office and placed on the floor. Please keep the items in the bag. It is important that these items are not returned through the returns slots.
    How often will I need to exchange the items?
    Items should be collected and changed on a monthly basis. However if your Home Services partner takes longer than a month to finish them, this is not a problem. Items for this service have a longer issuing period than normal.
    How will I know when to exchange the items?
    Your Home Services partner will ring you when they are ready for their books to be changed. You can then arrange a date and time suitable for both of you.
    How do I sign up?

    Simply ring, or email, the Home Services Librarian.

    Please note: Prospective couriers will be asked to complete a Consent to Disclosure of Information form, allowing us to carry out a police check.

    How are volunteers and Home Services people teamed up?
    Volunteers are teamed up with a person near the area in which they live.


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    Alison Fraser
    Home Services Coordinator

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