Southland Oral History Project

Rosie conducting an oral history interview

Southland’s stories define who we are as a people and a province.  Our project aims to capture these stories as a collective memory of what it is to be part of this community. 

The project covers a broad range of subjects, not only the defining events in our local history but also our traditions, our everyday way of life and what it means to be a Southlander.

The Project is actively supported by Heritage South and the Invercargill City Libraries and Archives. For more information check out the 2015-2020 Southland Oral History Project Strategic Plan

Accessing the Collection

You can listen to the interviews in the Archive Research Room after signing sign a User Registration form.

If you would like to use an extract in a publication then written permission from the Project Co-ordinator is required.

Becoming a Volunteer

Most of our volunteers become interviewers. We also invite people to abstract recorded interviews. This involves listening to interviews and creating a time-kept index to them.  

In both instances we provide a through training programme and continue to support you throughout your time with us.  For more information simply email the Project Co-ordinator on

Contacting the Project Coordinator

As the Co-ordinator only works 7 hours per week. Please email Project Co-ordinator on to arrange a time to catch up.


There are currently more than 300 interviews in the ever-growing collection which you can listen to in the Archives Research Room. 

Discovering Glengarry's Community Spirit

People of the Glengarry community celebrating the glengarry stories CD