Keeping up with the Librarians

Librarian Kardashian Spoof

On Saturday 14 October, the Invercargill Public Library posted an image of Librarians recreating a famous Kardashain photoshoot. The photo soon went viral on Facebook, and has now been seen by over 1 million people. The responses elicited a lot of attention and media coverage so we are using this opportunity to highlight some of the resulting coverage.


Why did you create this image?

Our social media strategy is focused on highlighting that our Library is a fun place to visit. We take pride in our quirky sense of humour and use this to engage with our audiences. By using pop culture references we ensure we remain relevant and up to date.

How much did this cost?

It cost nothing but an hour of our time. We used only Library resources, and Library staff to create this image. In fact, everything used to create this (including staff expertise) can be hired and used by the public.

Do you pay six people to do social media?

Not solely. Everyone on the team does this either as a part of, or on top of, their everyday workload. Being on the team is voluntary for most, and we do it because we love our library and want to help promote it in a fun way. Our Social media team consists of;

  1. Bonnie Mager - Digital and Communications Manager
  2. Kayla Davidson - Digital Content Creator
  3. Andrew Eng - Readers' Advisory Librarian
  4. Jay Coote - Community Connections Coordinator
  5. Connor Chamberlain - Graphic Designer
  6. Cris Crighton - Preschool Librarian
Did you hire professionals to help?

No, the photo was staged and taken using Library equipment by Digital Content Creator Kayla Davidson

Did you boost this post or pay for online advertising?

No, all reach was organic.

Media Coverage: Television

18 October - 1 NEWS
17 October - Sunrise Australia
16 October - The Project NZ
16 October - Channel 39

Media Coverage: Radio

Media Coverage: News and Online