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  • Logo and Branding

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    Our Logo

    The logo epitomises what it means to be a part of the Library and to be able to create your own place of engagement, relaxation and passion. Initially based on a fingerprint as an identifiable way to communicate ‘yours and ours’ to the viewer, development then led into a ‘digital pathways’ element that also combined the birds eye view or side on view of a book. Through the logo we are able to communicate connectivitycommunity and ownership. This allows the viewer/user to identify with the sense of belonging.


    Below you will find Downloadable ZIP files containing our logos, and guidelines (2.6MB PDF) for the colour and use of our branding. When using our logo please ensure you follow the requirements.


    Click here to download our Logos - PNG and JPEG (4.1MB ZIP)


    Primary Logo

    The primary logo (stacked or horizontal) is the preferred option to use where ever possible.  The logo is designed to work at its best and offer the most impact on the dark charcoal background.




    Secondary Logos

    We recommend only using these secondary logo variations when the use of the primary logo will compromise the brand guidelines or design aesthetic.



    Our 2015 Branding Guidelines are used to guide our identity. To ensure our brand is protected, please follow the following guidelines when preparing any materials.


    Download the Invercargill City Libraries and Archives Branding Guidelines (2.6MB PDF)

    Our Colours

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    Library Orange: Pantone 144C



    M8 Y9 K88


    RGBRed 242 Green 139 Blue 0

    Hexadecimal - #F38800

    Charcoal Grey: Pantone P 170-16C



    M8 Y9 K88


    RGBRed 69 Green 63 Blue 61

    Hexadecimal - #45373D

    How to Use Our Logo

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    Exclusion Zone
    The exclusion zone simply means that nothing should encroach the quiet area, for example; typography, other logos, image credits etc. This is particularly relevant when used in conjunction with other logos and graphics. The exclusion zone is measured by the height of the capital ‘I’ in ‘Invercargill’.



    Minimum Logo Sizes
    The logotype without the tagline should never be used below the minimum size of 30mm horizontally and 20mm stacked. Please maintain The logo proportions and ensure legibility is not compromised.

    Media Information

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    How to refer to us:

    We understand it can be confusing, however there are only three correct ways to refer to our library/libraries and they are 


    ·         Invercargill City Libraries and Archives

    ·         Invercargill Public Library

    ·         Bluff Public Library 


    Invercargill City Libraries and Archives refers to our entire organisation. This includes the Invercargill Public Library, The Archives and Bluff Public Library. 

    Invercargill Public Library is the building located on Dee Street in Invercargill

    Bluff Public Library is the building located on Gore Street in Bluff.


    The following are incorrect and should never be used:
    Invercargill City Library
    Invercargill Library
    Invercargill City Libraries


    Media Contact

    If you are a member of the media, below is information on how to reach a member of the communications team.


    Bonnie Mager

    Digital and Communications Manager

    03 2111 763


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