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    As a library member, you have unlimited access to a range of databases and web services that normally require a subscription. In order to use our databases you will need to know your library card number and password. If you need help with obtaining this, please contact us on (03) 2111 444.


    If you would like to become a library member, you can learn about the signup process here.


    Database Categories

     ❯ Arts, Music, Literature
     ❯ Business
     ❯ Family History
     ❯ Funding
     ❯ General Reference
     ❯ History & Biography
     ❯ News Media
     ❯ Science & Health
     ❯ Medianet

    Arts, Music, Literature

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    Books and Authors
    Covers adult, young adult and children's fiction and non-fiction.

    Literature Resource Center
    Find biographies, information and critical essays on historical and contemporary authors, including major New Zealand authors.


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    Business and Industry
    A multi-industry database with a global focus on company, industry and product information.

    Business and Management Practices
    An in depth information on the processes, methods and strategies of managing a business.

    Family History

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    This database can only be accessed from inside the library. 
    Provides access to census records, military records, land records, probate records, church records, directories, passenger lists and more. It includes New Zealand electoral rolls spanning 1853-1981, as well as Māori electoral rolls spanning 1908-1919.


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    BreakOut -GivME
    Search for scholarships, awards and grants to help with study or professional development.  Includes closing dates, application requirements and contact details.

    This database can only be accessed from inside the library. 
    Search to find companies by the kind of relationship you want (eg sponsorship), the area you work in, a particular brand or business activity.  

    FundView -GivUS
    Find information for voluntary organisations looking for funding.  Includes closing dates, application requirements and contact details.

    General Reference

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    Clarity IELTS
    Road to IELTS is divided into four parts - reading, listening, speaking and writing. In each skill area you can prepare for the test by reading information about each paper, listening to the online video and taking the interactive practice questions.

    Contemporary Womens Issues
    Find articles and reports on women's issues from both professional and popular magazines.

    Encyclopedia Britannica
    Find current events, pictures and links to relevant internet resources. Search different levels of Britannica using Elementary Encyclopedia for younger students, Student Encyclopedia or Concise Encyclopedia for advanced level of research. 

    Find full text articles on education material as well as citations to other related information. 

    General OneFile
    Find articles from international magazines and newspapers on a wide range of subjects.

    Global Issues in Context
    Offers global perspectives on issues of international importance, current world events and topics in the news related to these issues.

    Opposing Viewpoints
    Discover both sides of the debate over contemporary issues like vaccines, global warming and vegeterianism.

    Gale Cengage Searchbank
    Search across a wide range of Gale products from Academic Onefile , Business, Gardening ,Health and a lot more..

    Virtual Reference Library
    Explore a collection of encyclopedias, almanacs and reference sources. Subjects include health, war, pollution, history, space science, maths, occult, food and fashion.

    History and Biography

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    Biography in Context
    Covers notable individuals from every part of the world and from all time periods who have made significant contributions to human culture.

    Research in Context
    Discover new information on history, literature, geography as well as biographies.  Find photographs, graphs, maps, video and sound clips.

    Student Resources in Context
    Offers content to support research projects, and presentations that develop critical thinking and problem solving.

    World History in Context
    Provides an overview of world history.

    News Media

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    Australia New Zealand Reference Centre
    Includes leading Australia/NZ journals and international magazines in full text; full text reference books; over 80,000 full text biographies and an Image Collection of over 510,000 photos, maps and flags.

    Same day access to local, national and international newspapers and magazines. 

    Science and Health

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    Health and Wellness Resource Centre and Alternative Health Module
    Provides access to medical, statistical, health, and related information.

    Science in Context
    Topics from earth science and life science, to space, technology, mathematics and science history and biography.


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    View film and video collections around the country through Medianet - a digital database where you can watch over 1000 short films, features, documentaries, television commercials and more. Every three months new videos are loaded into the database.


    The earliest New Zealand film is about the departure of soldiers for the Boer War in 1900. Local items of interest include Roger Donaldsons 1973 documentary on Burt Munro and the 1928 short film Daughter of Invercargill.


    The highest film rating is M - suitable for mature audiences 16 and over (but still unrestricted).


    You will find the following categories: Advertising, Animation, Documentary, General history, Home movies, Music, Newsreels, Short film, Sport, War


    Please note: you can only access Medianet from Library computers.


    Click here to access Medianet
    • For As Long As It Takes / The Chills

    • Sway / Bic Runga

    • Taangaroa / Tiki Taane

    • Taonga Puoro: A Story Of Sound

    • Gather Round: Radar Goes To The Gathering

    • What I Want / The D4

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