Christmas reads at the Library!

We have a great range of Christmas-themed books, DVDs, and magazines here at the Library! Check out some of our favourite’s below.

X-mas books for kids!

With the soft jingle of bells, a mysterious gift falls from the sky.

Step-by-step instructions for simple Christmas projects made with basic craft supplies or recycled materials from around the house

'Whatever will become of me?' sighed the sad and lonely little tree.

Three children are brought together at the hospital at Christmas time.

Presents the story of the birth of Jesus, including the journey to Bethlehem, the visit of the shepherds, and the wise men presenting gifts.

Christmas Magazines


Christmas Express is all about spectacular food with minimum fuss!

Provides guidance on entertaining at Christmastime and presents over 300 recipes

Over 30 pompom designs to decorate your home, adorn your gifts, and give as presents to loved ones on Christmas day.

30 easy-to-make projects including small tree decorations

Includes 30 elegant yet incredibly easy projects to make out of the most affordable and accessible materials.