The best of 2017. Our Staff Pick’s for the year.

Our staff picks collection has been around for three years now, and encompassed over 350 items. These are books, games and DVDs we have loved, and decided must be highlighted to you all.

We talked to our staff about all the recommendations they had given this year, to create this list, of their best read/watch for 2017.

Half a King by Joe Abercrombie

Set in a Viking like world, where the strength of a man is based on how well he can fight. Prince Yarvi is a weakling in the eye of his father. Born with one crippled arm, he cannot fight. Left for dead after his fathers death, the prince must use the one weapon he has, his mind, to overcome his enemies and take back what is rightfully his. Full of great characters, action and plot twists.

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Rated by:

Chris Broad
Collections Assistant

Utopia (UK TV Series)

Twisted. Too real. And really quite freaky. A fantastic conspiracy thriller.

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Rated by:

Cris Crighton
Preschool Librarian

The Power by Naomi Alderman

Women discover they now have the power to inflict pain, or even death, just through a touch. Suddenly, the power balance shifts in the world – and women become objects of fear for many men. How do the women respond to their new-found position? A prize-winning page-turning thriller that is also thoroughly thought-provoking.

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Rated by:

Angela Bain
H&C Team Leader

Written in Red by Anne Bishop

In a world where humans exist at the sufferance of the Others, Meg is a human on the run who takes refuge within the domain of the Others. What ensues is a story full of intrigue, drama and comedy which combine to create a binge-worthy book.

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Rated by:

Megan Findlater
Children's Librarian

Redemption at Hacksaw Ridge by Booton Herndon

He faced insults and threats because he would not carry arms in war. His faith saved lives and he became a hero.

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Rated by:

Linda Te Au
H&C Manager

Tiny Tabletop Gardens by Emma Hardy

Great ideas and projects for limited space. Loved all the different containers used, makes you start thinking of other things you can put plants in. Very easy to follow instructions and which plants are best to use in a small space.

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Rated by:

Staff Member Image - Debs
Debra Robinson

'48 by James Herbert

An action book set in a world where Nazis have won the war by unleashing a gruesome disease as biological warfare. What more can you ask for?

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Rated by:

Bonnie Mager
D&C Manager

The Stranger in the Woods by Michael Finkel

In 1986, twenty year old Christopher Knight left his home in Massachusetts, drove to Maine, abandoned his car, and walked into the woods.For nearly three decades this man lived a solitary existence with virtually no human contact, his family assuming he was dead. Author Michael Finkel, set out to find the truth, the motivation behind Christopher Knight’s self-imposed exile – why he disappeared and what he learned in the process.

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Rated by:

Staff Member - Jill H
Jill Harpur
Non-fiction Collection Specialist
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