Angela’s Books of the Year 2018

Meet Angela
Adult Fiction Content Specialist

🍹 Favourite drink:

Pimm’s cocktail – a summertime classic!

📺 Favourite TV show:

Breaking Bad, the best TV show ever made IMHO!

🎧 Favourite song:

Anything by Bon Jovi (don’t judge me - I’m an 80s girl)

Here are Angela's top 10 books for 2018!

A thought-provoking
and thrilling read that is scarily plausible.

An inspiring autobiography of a young woman who grew up in a survivalist family in the US and never went to school, yet managed to achieve huge academic success.

Do we ever really know our parents?

It will make you laugh out loud 😆 but could also make you cry 😢


A wonderful crime novel that will make you cry, laugh, and gasp.

Looking for a mind-bending, unique whodunnit that will enthrall you?

A stunning novel!

An impressive follow-up to the brilliant Australian crime novel The Dry.

A community policeman with a terrible secret in his past...

Quirky and engaging with an excellent denouement.