The Chatter

The Chatter is a weekly event hosted in the non-fiction section of the Adults’ Library. Every Monday, locals and migrants alike come together and chatter about anything, including the weather. International students studying at the Southern Institute of Technology use The Chatter as a valuable tool for networking with people established in the community. And to improve their communication skills. Locals use The Chatter as a place to meet new people and catch up on weekly gossip.

The Chatter has a number of regulars who are heavily involved in the community such as Lyn Devery from the Citizens Advice Bureau, Sophie from Korea, Stephon the singer from Indonesia, Pam Lee from Rowena Jackson, James Faleato who is a member of the Southland Samoan Community, Angelina who bakes amazing food every week, and also our oldest member Sylvia Baxter, who at 94 years young, is still a member at the Citizens Advice Bureau.

The Chatter is for everyone and anyone to pop-by and have a chat, a hot cuppa and a place where you can take a load off and listen to what others have to talk about. Don’t miss out on being part of this amazing group.

The Chatter is run by Jay

Jay Coote

Community Connections Coordinator

Jay is our Community Connections Coordinator and he takes the Library to the people.  If you want to bring your community group into the Library then contact him immediately.  Jay has extensive knowledge on whakapapa resources and all matters relating to rugby and cricket.